Resources & Additional Information

California Fair Political Practices Commission City of Easton Code of Ethics
City of Reading Code of Ethics
Complying with Philadelphia’s Campaign Finance Law
Local Government Ethics Programs by Dr. Robert Wechsler, Director of Research, City Ethics, Inc.
Local Government Ethics Programs In a Nutshell by Robert Wechsler, Director of Research, City Ethics, Inc.
Model Ethics Code
Model updated rule to be added to the existing language in Vermont House Rule 75 Senate Rule 71 or a municipal government ordinance
Nagle on Withdrawal As Cure for Campaign Contributions

PA Public Official and Employee Ethics Act
Philadelphia Board of Ethics – Annual & Routine Ethics Training – Regulation 7
Philadelphia Board of Ethics – Campaign Finance – Regulation 1
Philadelphia Board of Ethics – Lobbying Regulation – 9
Philadelphia Board of Ethics – Political Activity – Regulation 8
Philadelphia Ethics Code
Task Force on Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform – Final Report and Recommendations
The Recusal Alternative to Campaign Finance, John C. Nagle
The Supreme Court Supplied a Blueprint to Overcome “Citizens United” – We Just Need to Use It; James Marc Leas

Board of Ethics, City of Philadelphia, PA
Board of Ethics, City of Reading, PA
State Ethics Commission, Pennsylvania

Linda Callaher, City Clerk, Reading, PA
Leigh Chapman, Esq. Director of Policy for the PA Department of State
Dr. John Contino, Chair, PA State Ethics Commission (retired)
Michael Cooke, Esq. Director of Enforcement, Philadelphia Board of Ethics

J. Shane Creamer, Jr. Esq. Executive Director, Philadelphia Board of Ethics

Frankenberger, Attorney, PA State Ethics Commission
John Freeman, Chair, Easton Board of Ethics

Richard Glazer, Exec. Director, PA Innocence Project, initial chair of the Philadelphia Board of Ethics
Julio Guridy, Council Member, Allentown, PA
Brian Jacisin, Esq. Director of Investigation, PA Ethics Commission
Barry Kaufman, Executive Director, Common Cause PA
Nedda Masur, Deputy Executive Director, Philadelphia Board of Ethics
Michelle Parker, City Clerk, Westminster, CO
Wanda Snader, Associate Legal Counsel PA Local Government Commission
Chris Spadoni, Esq.
Ed Stock, Esq. Reading PA Board of Ethics Investigating Officer, former City Solicitor

Bob Warner, Board Chair, Common Cause PA