What Does a Board of Ethics Do?

Conduct training for officials and for ethics commission members.

Community outreach to educate the public and the press about government ethics.

Give formal and informal advice, general advisory opinions, making summaries of opinions from other jurisdictions available to officials and employees.

Provide recommendations for improving the ethics program to the local legislative body.

Draft or amend rules of procedure, bylaws, and regulations.

Maintain an Ethics Commission website to make available training, advice, the resolution of enforcement proceedings, press releases, contact information, forms,
meeting notices, minutes, etc.

Follow and discuss relevant current events in its city or county.

Provide awards and recognition to encourage responsible handling of conflict situations, open discussion of ethics issues, and the reporting of ethical misconduct.

Submit an annual report.

– Wechsler, Robert. Local Government Ethics Programs in a Nutshell. City Ethics, Inc.
Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.